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11/25 Performance: bringing happiness to Aegis Gardens Senior Center

We performed at Aegis Gardens Senior Center in Fremont!!

Being a volunteer that sits with the senior residents every Saturday to watch performances with them, I was so excited to perform for them this time. I was nervous being the MC, dancer, and singer all at once, but walking into the center of the room and seeing all the resident's cheerful faces gave me reassurance that we would deliver a great performance they would love. After a day of rehearsal the hour and day before, we were all ready to bring what we practiced to the stage. We performed the Water Dance, Lion Dance, and Confessing Balloons, and I sang 彈唱 and 等你下課. I was initially scared of the expectations placed on us and the unresponsive audience, but that didn't matter when we were confidently performing and exchanging smiles with each resident. The atmosphere was so energetic and happy, and I could feel that everyone was not just focused on performing and getting each movement right, but we were all having fun tog…

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